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Dos Punks has been my partner Ryan and I's rad passion project for over three years now, and we're stoked to share it with you. Born from our love for cool designs and our obsessions with music, plant-based eats, animals, and pop-culture, we recently gave it a fresh new vibe as "Dos Punks" – a name that feels just right. We aren't your ordinary art shop; it's a whole world of awesome. You'll find a killer collection of stickers, art prints, pins, and patches that scream style. But that's just the start. We're also bringing the fun with a blog where we spill the beans on what gets us hyped, a YouTube channel where we get creative, and a micro design agency ready to make your logo "pop".

Apart from creating cool art, we also manage out website, Etsy store, social media and we even vend locally in a few stores around Portland, Oregon! Check out our instagram to see if you can catch us vending a markers market!

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FInal Remarks

Welcome to Dos Punks, the home of creatives, Mimi and Ryan! We like to make things that'll make you say "hell yeah!" Thanks for checking this project out. :-)

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