Whimsy Mimi

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Hi, I'm mimi!
a apparel graphic + Textile designer.

Residing in the eclectic city of Portland, I thrive as an artist with a keen focus on graphic design, product design, and illustration. My work draws inspiration from the rich tapestry of pop culture, nostalgic eras, and the beauty of the natural world.

Apart from my art, I find solace in outdoor adventures like hiking, snowboarding, and surfing. As a Latina, these experiences also deepen my connection with nature and heritage, blending creativity in a continuous journey of self-expression.

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From product brochures and band flyers to sales infographics and “thumb stopping” social media posts.

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With a Bachelor's in Fashion Design, I delved into the fundamentals of design and honed techniques for enhancement.

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content creation

YouTube to TikTok, I'm passionate about crafting content that truly captivates audiences. More on this soon to come.

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UGC & Modeling